Unity Food Hub

Aggregating, marketing & distributing Maine foods


A multi-farm share program featuring Maine grown and produced foods. Shares are delivered to worksites and other central drop spots throughout Maine.

Click here to read about the types of farm shares we offer. Once you sign up for your share(s), you also have weekly access to our online store where you can tack on custom orders for 100+ additional Maine grown products, delivered to your pick up location of choice.

See what's getting harvested this week in our Harvest Notes.

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More about how our Harvest Share program works:
We make the food from 50+ of our amazing food and farming partners available to individuals through our Harvest Share program. We work with institutions, businesses, community organizations,  and buying clubs to create central pick up locations. Product offerings include a wide variety of produce, meat, dairy and pantry goods... all grown and produced in Maine.

The only requirement to become a drop site is to have a minimum of 12 weekly subscribers and to be located within our distribution route, which includes the greater Portland area and parts of central and coastal Maine. To learn more about becoming a Harvest Share host location, please click here.

Our service is subscription based: you as the customer are signing up for regularly scheduled deliveries. Deliveries can be selected to be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the share type. You can also change or suspend your order from week to week.  Once you sign up you will be continually enrolled, until cancelling your subscription. To cancel your subscription completely, please email Unity Food Hub Harvest Share Manager, Catherine Durkin at catherine@unityfoodhub.com, subject: share cancellation. Your commitment to a regular schedule, helps us and our farm partners plan better, ensuring diverse and plentiful offerings.  
What if I can't commit to purchasing every single week?
No problem. By subscribing, we are asking you to do your best to commit to a regular schedule as to when you will receive your selected share(s). Going on vacation? You can opt out of receiving a delivery for the time you are gone. Need to cancel your weekly subscription? We just ask that you email us at info@unityfoodhub.com before the weekly ordering deadline. 
How does payment work?
Paying online:
Credit/Debit- purchases are accepted online and subscribers sign up for "pay-as-you-go" payment option. Your card is charged automatically the evening following your farm share delivery. Through a link to your own account that is provided when you sign up, you can sign in and manage your payment option and review your account history. 
Paying offline:
SNAP/EBT/foodstamps - customers can use their pine tree card to purchase all of our farm partners' products. Vegetable shares are available at 50% of cost to SNAP/EBT recipients, as well as seasonal bulk purchases.

Harvest Share Policy
For more information on our customer policy, please click here.